Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae
The recording of the talk I with agents of the sector is now available
This first talk organized by FEUGA and Neoalgae within the framework of the dissemination activities of the MICOALGA-FEED project, was a success of participation. Focused on the use of microalgae as fertilizers and biostimulants in agriculture, the talk brought together almost 100 attendees interested in this relatively new application of microalgae. From the hand of David Suárez, from Neoalgae, they were able to know the characteristics and peculiarities that make microalgae an excellent alternative to traditional fertilizers of chemical origin. Likewise, David also presented several projects that Neoalgae is currently developing, in which the viability of microalgae in this context is explored. The day had begun with the intervention of Ángel Sanabria, from FEUGA, who explained to all attendees the objectives and activities that are being carried out in MICOALGA-FEED, a project in which the antimicrobial capacity of microalgae is being evaluated to incorporate them into new formulations of feed for livestock. In this way, the project seeks to reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry farming. A topic, that of microalgae, which is a trend right now, as demonstrated by the numerous questions raised by the attendees. The recording of the talk is available on the MICOALGA-FEED YouTube channel.