Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae
Microalgae: new fertilizers in agriculture
This will be the central theme of the first talk with agents of the sector organized by the MICOALGA-FEED Operational Group and to be held next Thursday, June 9, at 10am. An online and totally free day focused on one of the applications of microalgae that is currently being studied: its use as a fertilizer in agriculture.
  • When: Thursday, June 9, at 10am.
  • Where: through Teams (link will be sent upon registration)
  • Duration: 1h
  • Free registration:
Due to their characteristics, microalgae are being major protagonists of a revolution in the agricultural sector. The combination of its wide range of applications and the low environmental impact in its cultivation, make microalgae a crop of enormous interest for companies. With the help of David Suárez, from Neoalgae, an expert company in the cultivation of microalgae and members of MICOALGA-FEED, we will delve into the use of microalgae as fertilizers in agriculture. All this information will be complemented with success stories of this application of microalgae. Likewise, Ángel Sanabria, from FEUGA, will present the MICOALGA-FEED innovation project, where another of the numerous applications of microalgae will be highlighted, in this case as an ingredient in the elaboration of compound feed for poultry cattle, which allows to improve the welfare of the animal and, consequently, reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock.