Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae
Available the MICOALGA-FEED presentation webinar video
On March 3, the presentation webinar of the MICOALGA-FEED Operational Group was held through Teams. In it, representatives of the participating companies presented the innovation project to those attending the event. The webinar was a success in terms of participation, both due to the number of attendees and their involvement, thus achieving one of the main objectives of this day: to promote and disseminate knowledge among the agents of the agri-food value chain and the public. usually. The presentations were given by:
  • Angel Sanabria (FEUGA),
  • David Suarez (Neoalgae),
  • Paloma López (Hyphae Veterinary), and
  • Elena Molinero (Grupo UVESA).
For all those who could not attend, or want to see it again, the MICOALGA-FEED Operational Group has published, through its YouTube channel, the recording of the event.