Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae
Recently, Cultum, the agro media section of the caliber of Diario de Burgos or El Día de la Rioja, has published an interesting article focused on MICOALGA-FEED. “One more step in animal welfare”, a headline that perfectly sums up the ambition of this Operational Group, whose objective is none other than the reduction of the use of antibiotics in poultry farming through the development of new feed enriched with fungi and microalgae. Through the antimicrobial capacity of these ingredients, it will be possible to improve animal welfare and its immune system, thus reducing the risk of disease. Through the interventions of Javier Valls (Grupo UVESA), and Ángel Sanabria (FEUGA), the article reviews the main aspects of the project: its objectives, work plan and expected results. Likewise, the supra-autonomous character of the initiative is valued, with a total of 6 participating regions. You can read the article through the following link: