Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae

The GO MICOALGA-FEED, protagonist in the specialized press

During the last quarter of 2022, Hifas Veterinary has intensified its dissemination activities of the MICOALGA-FEED project in the main media of the sector (physical and digital). The objective has been to segment and direct communication to sectoral media:

  • Specific in poultry farming, such as Avinews and Avium magazines, source of technical information and innovation for animal production companies, veterinarians, farmers about products and ingredients.
  • Specific to the veterinary sector such as Veterinary Journal, Veterinary Portal or Livestock World.

In this way, and in this first phase of the MICOALGA-FEED project, Hifas Veterinary has oriented its communication to disseminate this innovative project to all agents in the value chain.

Below you can find the links to some of the publications that have been made: