Reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming through a natural origin food based on the use of fungi and algae
Va de Agro. The summary
With the poster hanging several weeks before its celebration, and with the presence of more than 30 local, national and European projects, Va de Agro was a great success of participation. Organized by the GGOO PROTEINLEG, AVIENERGY, MICOALGA-FEED and TIRAC, Va de Agro became, for a day, a pole of innovation in the agri-food and forestry sectors, demonstrating the great interest of society in these sectors. Now, several weeks after the celebration of the event, the video summary of the event has already been published, where each of the different blocks of a full day that stood out for facilitating the interaction between attendees and speakers are explained. In a previous post (see here), the recording of the morning session of Va de Agro is available.