Ingredient production

Production of ingredients from fungi and microalgae throughout the project (pilot, pre-industrial and industrial scale).


In vitro screening of fungi and microalgae

Selection of the ingredients and their combinations with higher antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and/or inflammatory capacity, to add them to the feed.


Feed production and evaluation of its functional effects

Feed production and selection at pilot scale, and assessment of the quantities of each ingredient needed to keep its efficacy.


Simulation of the poultry gastrointestinal digestion

Selection of the formulated feeds with those ingredients that, after simulating the poultry gastrointestinal digestion, show higher antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and/or anti-inflammatory capacity.


Analytical characterization

Analytical characterization of the selected ingredients and feed.


In vivo evaluation in an experimental poultry farm

Feed evaluation in an experimental poultry farm. Productive, epidemiologic, clinic and pathogens in faeces controls.



Through the execution of these activities, MICOALGA-FEED will develop new feed formulas supplemented with fungi and microalgae for poultry livestock, which will have inhibitor and antimicrobial effects, reinforcing local immunity and benefiting saprophytic intestinal flora. These will translate into:

Total or partial antibiotic substitution

Prevention of bacterial diseases

Improvement of animal and human health

Protection of the environment

Reduction of economic losses in the livestock sector

Higher added value of livestock products